Integrative Health Coaching

Ben Dessard

Bach. of Exercise Science
Certified Integrative Health Practitioner
Yoga & Meditation Teacher

Ben's approach to individual coaching is holistic and client-centered. Working with him will provide the support and guidance you need to create positive and lasting change in your life and getting to the root cause of what's been holding you back.

Are you ready to take your health & energy to the next level?

Change can be difficult on your own, but with a coach to guide you, anything is possible. Change requires the courage and consistency that comes from self-love, as well as the clarity and confidence provided by functional lab testing and structured protocols. The coaching journey offered by Ben lies on two pillars:

1. Awaken

Long-lasting change starts with self-love. With support from Ben, you'll be guided on a step-by-step journey to accept yourself more deeply through:

  • Guided meditations
  • Journaling prompts
  • Fun exercises and challenges around food and habits

2. Integrate

With these new foundations in place, Ben will guide you to implement integrative strategies to rebalance the body.

  • These can include a nutritional plan, exercise programme, lifestyle modifications, and targeted supplement protocols based on functional lab test results and in-depth conversations

  • Monthly 1-on-1 calls

  • Complementary video and audio materials

Why Health Coaching?

Regain Your Energy

Learn About Your Body

Rebalance Gut Microbiome

Guidance & Support

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